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Innovation, Quality & Reliability for over the last 20 years, manufacturers of leather goods, graphic arts and furnishing products have looked to Salpax to supply outstanding quality in recycled leather.

Salpax Recycled Leather Fibers materials have the look, feel and smell of Genuine Leathers because they are tannery made; produced on the same equipment using the same methods genuine leathers. The cowhide fibers we use to make our recycled leathers come from the tanning process when the hides are brought to a uniform thickness. The fibers are bonded with natural latex on our unique machinery. As a result, Salpax products are soft and smooth with a true fine leather aroma.

We produce in continuous rolls, which can be shipped either in rolls or in sheets.

Depend on us for innovation and fashion. Discover our reputation for market leadership. Phone or contact us today for an immediate reply to your inquiry, we are positioned to respond quickly to your needs.