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It’s time to recycle…

In Salpax, all our materials have the appearance, feel and scent of the natural leather. This results from the fact that these materials are treated with the same processes as in the tanneries; produced using the same teams and methods that are used with the genuine leather. In order to manufacture our Recycled Leather, we use bovine-type fibers that come from the tanning process, that is to say, when the skins are divided to equal their thickness. These fibers are combined with natural Latex in our unique machinery. As a result, our products get softness, smoothness and the most select leather’s scent.


Innovation, Quality and Trust. During the last 20 years, the manufacturers of leather goods, footwear, graphic industry, furniture and decoration have discovered in Salpax a high-quality reference in all its Recycled Leather products.

We provide our products constantly and are supplied both on rolls and as plates.  


Rely on our innovation, fashion and design. Find out our high reputation in the market and in the leather sector. Contact us today and you will get an immediate response to your request, we are able to answer quickly to all your needs.

“Recycling makes sense"


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