Legal information, website use, acceptance

The present Legal Notice establishes that the information society service providers are required to make the general information available to the consumers and users, according to Art. 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11th, in Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services.

Consequently, the following points are reported:
SALPAX, S.A. (N. I. F. A-03/815.099) is the owner of the COMPUTER SERVICES
The Internet domain www.salpax.es is owned by SALPAX, S.A.
Its registered office is located on Villena – Onteniente Road, Km. 5'200, 03409, Cañada (Alicante), Tel. - 96 582 00 92.

The registration data in the corresponding register are:
The products and services prices that are published in the Website www.salpax.es, which the consumer and users are free to obtain and contract, include VAT.

It is completely forbidden the statement of the user condition of this website for youngsters 14 years old and younger without the consent of parents or guardians, as outlined in art. 13.1 of Royal Decree 1720/2007. The breach of this commitment by the User will entail in the cancellation of the data provided.

The use of the Website attributes the status of User, and implies full acceptance by the User of all the conditions contained in this Legal Notice.

The content of the present Legal Notice can be modified, so the full acceptance by the User will be in respect of the Legal Notice that would be published by SALPAX, S.A. at the moment this user will access to the Website. Therefore, the User should carefully read the present Legal Notice every time he or she access to the Website. 

At the same time, the Website access is subjected to all the notices, use conditions and instructions made known to the User by SALPAX, S.A. that replace, complete or modify the present Legal Notice.

The User undertakes to use the Website www.salpax.es, its contents, products and services provided by SALPAX, S.A. in compliance with the Law, this Legal Notice and other notices and instructions to his or her knowledge, as well as morality and the generally accepted principles of morality and public order. 

In general, the access to the information and utilities of the Website www.salpax.es does not need a previous subscription or user register. However, the access to any of the services or products offered through the Website www.salpax.es may be conditioned by a previous registration or subscription form. This way, the User guarantees the authenticity and trustworthiness of all that information provided in the registration or subscription form. The User is committed and responsible for maintaining at all times its personal data updated regarding to its current situation. SALPAX, S.A. will treat the processing of personal data in accordance with the Private Policy published on this Website.

All the brands, trade names, distinctive sign, service, content and information of any kind that appears on this Website belongs to SALPAX, S.A., therefore they cannot be reproduced, distributed, communicated publicly, transformed or modified without prior express permission of SALPAX, S.A.. By contents of this Website is understood, but not exclusively: texts, photographs, graphics, images, software, links and other audio-visual or sound contents, together with their graphic design and source codes. 

The User will refrain from obtaining the contents by using other procedures than those that, according to the cases, have been made available to them or, talking in general, those that are usually used on the Internet as long as the latter do not imply a risk of a damage or uselessness for the Website and its contents.

Any references made in the SALPAX, S.A. Website to any product, service, process, link, hypertext or any other information using the brand, trade mark, the manufacturer or supplier name, etc. and which is the property of third parties shall not constitute nor imply support, financial support or recommendation on the part of SALPAX, S.A. 


The dates, texts, information, images or sounds that are published in the website www.salpax.es are shown for purely informative purposes for all the interested people. Website access is free and does not generate any commercial, contractual or professional relationship among its users and SALPAX, S.A. In case of any discrepancy between the information contained on the website and on paper, will be the latter. The User is warned that before carrying out any action taken from the contents of the Website, they should verify the information provided by contacting the Customer Service Department at 96 582 00 92 or at the email address info@salpax.es. 

Availability and continuity:

SALPAX, S.A. shall not be liable, in all extension authorized by law, for any damage or loss of any kind, regarding the availability or continuity of the Website access and services offered on this site. The access to this Website information and services, at the beginning, has an indefinite duration. However, SALPAX, S.A. may shut down or suspend the Website access at any time.

Viruses and malicious code:

SALPAX, S.A. shall not be liable, in all extension authorized by law, for any damage or loss of any kind that may stem from the presence of a virus or other malicious codes in its contents that might lead to alterations in the Users’ computer system, electronic documents or files. 


SALPAX, S.A. shall not be liable, in all extension authorized by law, for any damage or loss of any kind, regarding to the Users’ technical devices of linkage, directories, hardware of search that allow the Users to gain access to websites belonging and/or managed for third. 

Illicit use:

SALPAX, S.A. is not responsible for the breach of any applicable rule that may be incurred by the User Website access and/or information usage. This company is not also responsible for the illegitimate use that third parties may cause of the trade names, brands or other distinctive signs that could appear in the Website not being property of SALPAX, S.A.

You must fill out the appropriate form with your personal data or the subscription form in order to contract any of the services or products of this Website. This personal information will be treated in strict accordance with SALPAX, S.A. privacy policy contained in its Website. 

NEW PRIVACY POLICY GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – EU data protection reform.
In accordance with the regulation (EU) 2016/679, related with the treatment of your personal data, we provide you the following information:

Responsible for processing:
SALPAX, S.A. – NIF A03815099.
Postal address: Villena-Onteniente Road, Km. 5,200 – 03409 CAÑADA (Alicante).
Contact telephone: +34 96 582 00 92.
Email address: info@salpax.es

- Information and dissemination of SALPAX, S.A. products through the web for later sale.
- Maintenance of any contractual or non-contractual relationship with the consumers.
- Share our products or partners information even by email through “mailing”, “newsletters” and social networks.
- Users personal data dissociation for statistical or commercial purposes according to their browsing habits

-Request, use and hiring of any product or service for a correct management of the service requested.
-The user’s consent relative to the products promotional and information purpose through “mailing” or “newsletter” and/or their “partners”.
-Compliance with the applicable legal obligations in the cession of data to organizations or public authorities, as long as they are required in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions.

-Data will be preserved for the duration of our contractual and/or commercial relationship, as well as the time needed for complying with the legal obligations.

-SALPAX, S.A. will transfer the data to third parties that lend services to the company, with which it has concluded the corresponding order contract for treatment with each of the suppliers in order to guarantee that the personal data will be processed in accordance with the stipulations of the legislation in force. The personal data will also be transferred to the competent authorities in cases where there is a legal obligation.

-You may exercise rights of access, rectification, opposition, limit your data processing or oppose directly the treatment, or exercise the right to the portability of these. All this by hand and accompanied by a certified copy of the official document that identifies it and addressed to the data controller. In the event of non-conformity with the treatment, it is you right to file a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

SALPAX, S.A. keeps active the advertising campaigns in order to promote the company. All the campaigns that are carried out in online business environments or in other types refer to this Website. The advertising campaigns respect conscientiously the Unfair Competition Law and the General Advertising Law.

All the notifications or communications made by Users to SALPAX, S.A. will be considered effective, for all intents and purposes, when they are addressed to the Customer Service Department by any of the following ways:

Postal delivery to the following address: Ctra. Villena – Onteniente, Km. 5,200 03409 Cañada (Alicante)

Phone call to the following telephone number: 96 582 00 92

E-mail sending to the following e-mail address: info@salpax.es

Likewise, all the notifications made by SALPAX, S.A. to the User will be considered effective, for all intents and purposes, when they are addressed by any of the following ways

Postal delivery to the address provided previously to the Company by the User.

Phone call or fax to the telephone number provided previously to the Company by the User.

E-mail sending to the e-mail address provided previously to the Company by the User.

Therefore, the User must state that the current personal data provided and agree to notify any modification of his or her data in order that the notifications can be made.

The Spanish legislation will be the applicable law in the present Legal Notice. The Courts of the city of Alicante will be the appropriate jurisdiction in order to know about any lawsuits that this Website may cause. 


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