Company, career and future


We are a pioneer company worldwide for the recycled leather fibers with more than 40 years of career path. Moreover, this company is currently unique in Spain.

As a worldwide enterprise, we are committed to the environment. We have always supported the respect and care of our environment by the production of a basis of leather fiber, recycled and sustainable materials, helping to remove the carbon footprint. This way, we contribute to the sustainability of the planet just like you could do. We invite you to be part of it! 

Our company knows that adapting to the market is crucial, so nowadays we can provide specific products to many different industries like bookbinding, leather goods, belts, decoration, packaging, etc.

We make the effort to develop new projects that are based on the quality. Other characteristics that are recognized by our clients at national and international level are the regularity and commitment we show the dates of service. Therefore, this becomes us in a different and valued company.

SALPAX, S.A. has an excellent and best-qualify human team that will do it best to take care of your needs, share ideas and suggestions making use of a long work experience and the effort over many years.  


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